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Our goal is to play as many pong games as we can in the least amount of time. There are weekly prizes as well as tournament prizes, each determined by the location hosting the pong night.



The way the tournament works is an aggregate number of wins from weekly round robin play over a 9 week period. 16 teams (top 12 and 4 alternate teams) from the 9 week tournament compete for the top prize in a "best of" elimination playoff format.



Prizes are awarded each week to the top teams of the night. This is determined in Round Robin Play, then a single elimination playoff. The final table will be best of 3 (time permitting)with losing team getting balls first. The numbers of teams that make it into the prize round are determined by the amount of teams competing.


Playoff records for the weekly prize do not get added into the tournament record.

Each week that you play you sign in using your same team name and your records are automatically saved. You can then view where you stand in the tournament on our web site www.thepongkings.comThe more weeks you play, the better your record will be and the greater your chance for the grand prize.

  • Any team not at a table within 60 seconds of being called will lose possession to start the game.

  • 120 seconds late is a loss of re-rack, loss of cup or loss of game.

  • Commissioners can implement rule changes at any time  to speed up game play

  • Rock paper scissors to start the game.

  • Each player must shoot 1 ball. No celebrity shots. No 1 player teams.

  • Elbow rule; no elbows over the table. See the elbow diagram.

  • 1 re-rack per game.  4 cup must be a diamond.  No zippers or flags.

  • 2 shots on a rollback (when both players make their shots.)

  • Redemption at the end of a game, each player shoots till they miss.

  • Bouncing is allowed, two cups on a bounce, 1 cup when only two cups are left.

  • No ending a game on a bounce.

  • Defending on a bounce ONLY.

  • No hooking or blowing on a shot. No behind the back rollback shots.

  • "No islands", No "on fire."

  • Any shot that gets blocked by an opponent before it hits a cup is automatically a "made cup" and a reshot unless the opponent is setting a re-rack.

  • During a re-rack, players MUST wait to shoot until the cups are SET.

  • A cup that is knocked over or gets knocked off the table is considered a made shot, unless caught without a ball inside. If a cup is knocked off, caught and the ball comes out it is reset and a re-shot is granted. If a cup is knocked off, caught and the ball stays in, its a made cup.

  • 1 cup Lights out rule, no two cup lights out.

  • No lights out on a run back shot, or a knocked over cup.

  • No lights out in overtime. goes to WS rebuttals (1 miss)

  • No lights out in playoffs. goes to WS rebuttals (1 miss)

  • 1st overtime - 3 cup (PK Rebuttals) 2nd overtime - 4 cup (world series rebuttals.)

  • Any shot that is deliberately grabbed or swatted will result in a 3 cup penalty and a loss of one shot on the next round.

  • If there are only 2 cups on a table when deliberate ball interference occurs, it is considered lights out and the game is over.

  • A ball that comes to rest on top of the cups is 3 cups.


  • Players pick a team name and sign in each week using that same team name.

  • Once two players play together for 2 weeks they are considered a team and cannot play for another team.

  • Each team can have 4 players (2 teammates and two substitutes) during the tournament

  • The two players that have played together for the first two consecutive weeks will be considered teammates and all others players will be considered substitutes.

  • An absent player may be replaced by a substitute player and all wins will be added to the team's total.

  • Substitutes must be announced to the commissioner and signed in.

  • A substitute player MUST have played 4 weeks for their team during the season to play in the tournament play offs.

  • any player that wins a 1k season must play in a minimum 4 weeks in any other season in that calendar year.


  • Wins and loss records are collected each week.

  • Wins are worth 2 points; each team gets 1 point for overtime and play for an extra point (like hockey.)

  • Records are determined by the aggregate wins over 9 week.

  • The top 12 teams make the playoffs 13-16 are stand in teams in case one of the top 12 cannot play.

  • Rounds are the best of 5, The championship game is the best of 7. Eye to eye to start, then losing team gets the ball for the next matches.


  • Players must stay on their side of the table.

  • Players may not approach the opposing team members in an unsportsmanlike manner. This includes running alongside the table to talk trash in an opposing players face.

  • Spectators are permitted to aid in distractions, but may not be inside the playing area at any time. In addition, in the event that players are positioned close to the outer edges of a playing area, spectators are prohibited from unreasonably interfering with a player's ability to shoot. Specifically, no spectator is allowed to scream directly into the ears of players at close range, or attempt to block a player’s view of the cups.

  • NO distractions over the plane of the table.



  • Teams with the best records of the night compete in a single playoff format for the grand prize determined by the host venue.

  • Final game is best of three (time permitting) with losing team getting balls first.

  • All the same tournament rules apply.


  • Anyone that fights is automatically thrown out of the league. We have a zero tolerance fighting policy.

  • Abuse of a commissioner

  • Deliberate vandalism or theft of the pong equipment or event venue is grounds for ejection.

  • Any team making derogatory remarks at another team insulting their gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or remarks deemed inappropriate by the commissioner will be warned or disqualified.

  • Any team that falsely reports an overtime victory will be disqualified.

  • Failure to properly sign in with the correct player names on the team will result in the forfeit of the team record that week.

  • Failure to comply with the rules will result in a team's forfeit of wins and a dismissal from the league.​​



  • First violation is a warning.

  • The commissioner will then video all future shots of that player with the warning.

  • Second violation as seen on video reply is a missed shot

  • Third violation is a missed shot or a disqualification determined by the commissioner


  • Any team in a 5 cup Rebuttal is permitted one re-rack at any time during their shots in accordance to PK rack rules

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