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More Games. 

Faster play.

     In 2013 we were doing consulting work at The Brownstone in Metuchen NJ. They needed a promotion on a Tuesday and the idea of Water Cup Pong was proposed to us by our DJ Jeff Luong. Because the venue was small and because it closed at 1am we were forced to use 6-foot tables and could only fit six tables in the tight  space. We had to make sure the tournament moved quickly to ensure the teams would get a maximum amount of games in the time permitted. This led to the development of our current game play and tournament rules.

Faster play and more games every night is what makes Ponkings so great. Because It is closer to what players were playing in their back yards, BBQs and tailgates, more players  can relate to our format and feel comfortable attending our tournaments. With the addition of a code of conduct that dissuaded arguments or fighting (things that plagued other tournaments) we were able to attract the casual player to come out and experience a structured water pong tournament. With the addition of a weekly prize and a Ten-week league prize, water pong players of all skill levels finally had a place to play the game they love and showcase their talents in a competitive fun atmosphere.

Our goal has always been to find the amateur, casual player and introduce them to the competitive world of water pong. Our rules, equipment and format gives anyone a chance to win in a fun structured tournament environment.

If you’ve ever played Water Pong on any level… can have fun, play pong and win at Pongkings.


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